Resham Women Center

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Our Vision

Uplift the living standard and empowerment of un skilled workforce from low-income communities on sustainable basis through providing marketable skills.

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Our Mission

Sustainable socio-economic development with focus on skill development and gender equality. Provision of marketable skills that leads to socio economic development.

Introduction of RWC

The Resham Women Center provides training opportunities in various trades for people from low-income families, especially women, to become skilled. This program can benefit people who want to expand their business or start a new business, so that they can deal with their business, children’s education, family health and other socio-economic issues respectfully. The beneficiaries will be able to improve their quality of life through their skills and be able to lead a dignified life in the society.



  • Provide easy access to marketable skills to improve the household living standard.
  • To build the capacity of target communities in enterprise development, vocational and managerial
  • Enhanced the capacity of staff for effective service delivery.

Course Traits/Sections

  • Dress designing
  • Domestic Tailoring
  • Adda Work