Our Mission

We are striving to alleviate rural poverty by empowering & creating inclusive solutions to empower the marginalized segments of the society.

Who We Are

RS Welfare Foundation is a non-government, non-profit & non-political organization dedicated to working with deprived, neglected oppressed, rural communities, to fight against all causes of non-literacy, poverty and injustice. We are working for the provision of quality education and committed to serving people in need regardless of their religion, race or gender. We effort, and engage effectively all the low-income communities in the process of sustainable development.

Our education program is playing a dynamic role to educate the children living in the remotest rural areas of Pakistan. RSWF development solutions are based on inclusive approaches that equality addresses the root causes of non-literacy and engages all the vulnerable groups to unlocking and exploring their potential for a sustainable change.

Our Objectives

What We Do?

Our Strategy

RS Welfare Foundation is breaking the cycle of poverty & non literacy in the rural communities working on three interrelated dimensions that includes economic, social and political. The economic dimension comprises supporting; vocational skills and potentials, that encompasses both capacity and opportunities for the poor and low-income communities at grass root level. Social dimension comprises supporting social development of poor and low-income communities and disadvantaged groups, eliminating inequalities in social indicators, promoting gender equality and women’s empowerment, and providing social safety nets for vulnerable women and children. Third is the political dimension of improving opportunities for the poor and low-income communities in rural areas, including women and ethnic minorities, to effectively and equally participate in the political processes at the village and urban level.

To eradicate poverty & non literacy and improve the quality of life of the poor and low-income communities, we employ a holistic and integrated approach coupled with long-terms economic aid, environmental security and partnership development.

Our Vision

Empowered prosperous and dignified communities.

Management Approach and Structure

RS Welfare Foundation follows the participatory approach and methodology to plan, managed, implement and monitor its entire development projects. Under the direct supervision of General Secretary/Executive Director, the General Manager is responsible for overall monitoring and financial control while Program Manager performs the project management tasks. Moreover, the Program Manager is also responsible for direct supervision of projects. The project team conducts the periodic meetings with the higher management and primary and secondary stakeholders (communities), to track the performance of the project. RS Welfare Foundation in its each project makes proper risk mitigation strategy, and issues are reviewed and addressed according to their priority.

RS Welfare Foundation Executive Council comprises of 15 members elected by the general council are responsible for planning, monitoring and evaluation. The organization’s management is divided in terms of decision-making abilities at three levels of planning and control: 1) Strategic 2) Tactical and 3) Operational level General Secretary/Executive Director under the guidance of Executive Council is responsible for strategic direction of RS Welfare Foundation. He oversees that any program is being managed according to stated mission and the resource allocated to the program are being managed efficiently. He is also responsible for the Planning, Directing, Organizing and evaluating institutional activities, utilization of funds, budgetary control. General Manager (GM) reporting to the General Secretary/Executive Director, GM is responsible for liaison with donors. Program Manager is responsible for overall program activities and their effective management. PM manages the day-to-day operations of program and ensures that the operations are carried out according to established policies and procedures. Tactical management consists of concerned departmental managers and responsible for information and control of program and made lower-level planning, management control. Operational management consist of all operational team and responsible for information and involves routine planning, control and internal factors.

Our Approach

RS Welfare Foundation’s mission is to deal with the fundamental basis of poverty and discrimination so that all people can benefit from their basic human rights.  These initiatives are distinguished by massive diversity: emergency relief, health, education, economic development, agriculture, natural resource management, peace building and governance across both rural and urban settings.