RS Welfare Foundation

Vocational Skills Enterprise Development

Many rural women in our Area are uneducated or dropped from school at a young age. To address this situation, the Resham Women Empowerment & Learning Centre offers a variety of technical classes due to which women will be enable to start their own business and also our Centre will create entrepreneurial and employment opportunities for women.

The Resham Women Empowerment & Learning Centre has started the technical and financial training without formal education to Women of our rural areas as well as the confidence and access to financial service that is necessary for them to become financially independent and self-sufficient start and improve their own micro enterprises.


    • To alleviate poverty in the locality.
    • Upliftment of the rural population.
    • Job opportunities for the jobless, needy and skilled women.
    • To manufacture Garments based on consumer demand.
    • To establish a revenue generating unit.
    • To provide high quality products at competitive rates.
    • To achieve customer satisfaction.
    • On the job training in designing garments.
    • Employment for our rural women.
    • To introduce the Freelancing, Graphic designing & Digital Marketing in our region to the people to capable those to generate itself own source of income.
    • To change the dependency to self-
    • To introduce Sublimation printing, screen printing, latest embroidery & designing techniques.
    • To launch a stitching & manufacturing unit, Brandor outlet in our region.

Our Goals

  • Our Women Empowerment & Learning Centre aims to improve the long-term economic status of women and their families through new business opportunities enhanced through their skills.
  • Our main target is to become the Resham Women Center an independent organization.
  • Our main goal is to have MOU’s with Zunnorain Foundation & Qasim Ali Shah Foundation and Affiliation with Government of Punjab Organization like TTPSC.
  • A social chance for women’s earning money with their own business.