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Help marginalised girls realise their educational dreams


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Providing marginalised communities a life of dignity


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communities a life of dignity

Welcome to RS Welfare Foundation

Who We Are?

RS Welfare Foundation is a non-government, non-profit & non-political organization dedicated to working with deprived, neglected oppressed, rural communities, to fight against all causes of non-literacy, poverty and injustice. We are working for the provision of quality education and committed to serving people in need regardless of their religion, race or gender. We effort, and engage effectively all the low-income communities in the process of sustainable development.

Helped fund in Multiple Projects in 5 different Sectors, Benefiting over
0.5 Million people.

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Empowered prosperous and dignified

The Resham Women Center provides training opportunities in various trades for women, skilled & financially Independent.

  • Dress designing

  • Adda Work

  • Business Training

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Helping marginalised children to realise their educational dreams and breaking barriers of all sorts.

  • Maintenance of school buildings

  • Quality Education

  • Provision of Teachers & their Training

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RSWF offers a variety of technical classes which will enable to start their business and also Centre will create entrepreneurial opportunities for women.

  • To alleviate poverty in the locality.

  • Upliftment of the rural population.

  • Job opportunities for the jobless and skilled women

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We focuses on enhancing the capabilities of individuals and organizations to achieve sustainable growth and progress.

  • Capacity Building

  • Organizational Development

  • Leadership Development

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Our Recent Events

RS Welfare Foundation organize events and competitive activites, also give rewards to talented and best performing personals.

Human Resource

Our Workforce

The workforce of the RS Welfare Foundation comprises both men and women who work for the organization, some on a salaried basis and others as volunteers. This diverse group of individuals brings together a wide range of skills, expertise, and experiences to support the foundation's mission of promoting social welfare. The salaried employees contribute their professional talents, dedicating their time and efforts to various roles within the organization, including management, administration, program implementation, and support services. Meanwhile, the volunteers selflessly offer their time and energy to assist the foundation in its activities, contributing their unique abilities and passion for making a positive difference in the community. Together, the combined efforts of these individuals form a cohesive and dynamic workforce, united by their shared commitment to creating a better society and improving the lives of those in need.

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